Shake-n-Make Nectar


Shake-n-Make Nectar

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Wombaroo Shake’n’Make Nectar is a convenient way of providing a nectar treat for your sugar gliders. Can also be used in Suz’ Sugar Gliders’ Rejected Joey Formula to make the formula’s flavor more appealing. No weighing, no measuring. Just add water and shake. Makes 500ml that you can refrigerate over night or freeze in ice cube trays.

Larger¬†sizes of the Shake’n’Make Nectar available in boxes – please note that packaging states this product is “Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food” which is the same nectar that is packaged in the Shake’n’Make Nectar bottles. Mix nectar according to package directions.

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100 gram bottle, 300 gram box, 1.5 kilo box