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Magnetic recipe cards

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GOHPWTired of looking for your AWD or OHPW recipe every time you want to make a batch? Get a Magnetic Recipe Card to put on your refrigerator and never waste time searching for your recipe again!
Also have the Salad Mixes on magnetic cards. So you never have to look for the ingredients for the 5 salad mixes.

$1.50 per Magnet for AWD, OHPW or GOHPW
$6.00 per set of 5 salad Mixes.
$7.00 for OHPW/GOHPW and 5 salad Mix magnets

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 7 × 1 in

GOHPW and Salad Mix Magnets, OHPW and Salad Mix Magnets, Salad Mixes, GOHPW, OHPW