Fresh Eucalyptus Starter Pack


Eucalyptus Starter Pack


Starter Pack to test the waters of your Sugar Glider and see if Eucalyptus is right for you. Each starter pack comes with:
*Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Chew Sticks, and a Small Eucalyptus Branch 1/2 pound starter pack.

-1/4 pound of fresh Eucalyptus leaves (About 20-30 large SOMETIMES HUGE Leaves on their stems.
-1/4 pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks (6-10 sticks depending on thickness and 3-6″ long.)
-1 small Eucalyptus branch (a thicker stick with mature bark for perching and/or chewing)
And 1 instruction/tip sheet on how to store, present and enjoy your Eucs.

*Shipping included in price

*Sorry No international orders.