Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves


Eucalyptus Leaves

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Why Eucalyptus Leaves? Well Sugar gliders are well adapted to munching on Euc in the wild. Its a Fun Foraging enrichment to add to your enclosures and it also leaves the house and cages smelling really good. (a fun added benefit for us hoomans)
Euc trees have two types of leaves. Up to 15-20 feet in height you will find the younger leaves which are wider, more of a silverish gray color and “oval-shaped”. From 20-100+ feet, their leaves (magically) change to long, green, more mature, “banana-shaped” leaves. You may order Oval leaves or Banana leaves. Some people and some pets prefer one type or the other.

*Should stay fresh for 2-4 weeks, if kept in the refrigerator…or almost forever, if kept in the freezer.

  • 1 Pound of Fresh Leaves (Feeds 2-4) and is about 5 Handfuls of Beautiful leaves, still attached to their natural twigs.
  • 2 Pounds which includes: 30-40 Fresh-cut 3″-12″ long sticks
  • 5 pound Option (For Breeders and Aviaries) includes: A LOT of leaves!! We will even throw in some branches with this one for FREE.

*Shipping included in price* Sorry No international orders.


1 Pound, 2 Pounds, 5 Pounds